We are truly engaged in what we do, our main services are listed below however we do work with clients to create bespoke and personalised programmes which will be an investment in both your employees' health, and your company's future ‐ ensuring both are healthy, happy and balanced

Wellbeing presentations and workshops

Whether it’s a Lunch and Learn, half or full day workshop we create and deliver interactive health & wellbeing workshops to educate your employees on specific wellbeing topics. Throughout the consulting stage we will identify key issues specific to your organization and include Nutrition, Physical activity, Mindset, Stress, Alcohol, Energy Levels & more. At the forefront of the training & workshops are our highly skilled facilitators, trainers and guest speakers dedicated to achieving results.

Lifestyle Drop in Days

We offer 30 minute slots for employees to have an individual health and lifestyle check. This includes a personal consultation about their current lifestyle, measurements and goals with the option of a personalized exercise and nutrition program to be designed specifically for each employee. They have the option of a health check which includes weight, body fat, hydration levels, visceral fat, heart rate and blood pressure. This works best when we return every few months to monitor progress and build a relationship with the employees.

Health & Wellbeing Comms

To really enhance engagement with your employees we have created a Health and Wellbeing communications program to go live on your intranet & TV screens & email campaigns. This content will enlighten, educate and empower your employees on their wellbeing journey and raise awareness of the initiative. We provide blogs, articles, top tips, team challenges, social media campaigns & more to help promote health and wellbeing within your organization.

Corporate Spokesmodel

The Corporate Spokesmodel package offers a combination of Health & Wellbeing communications, Online Training, Lifestyle Drop in Days all to be delivered by our very own fitness model Lucie Colt. This programme has been created to give you the benefit of positioning your very own Company personal trainer so the complete programme is delivered by Lucie Colt. Having your very own personal trainer builds engagement throughout the organisation with your Health and Wellbeing initiative as it’s the same face delivering all aspects of your programme and enhances the credibility and value you are offering to your employees.

No matter your industry, no matter your challenge - We have a solution for you

One-to-one lifestyle coaching

Empower your senior management & sales teams with our one-to-one lifestyle coaching programmes. We work with employees to make changes to their lifestyle to live healthier, have more energy and perform better at work. This includes the option of lifestyle consultations, nutrition & exercise programmes, online support & motivation, personal training sessions and health checks.

Health awareness events

We work with you to deliver an outstanding experience whether it’s a one off event or a health awareness week. We can offer and manage a day/week of workshops, exercise sessions, physiotherapists, massage therapy, presenters and communications to raise awareness and build a culture of health and empowerment amongst your organisation.

Online Personal Training Programmes

An innovative and cost saving way of empowering your employees via Health and Wellbeing. Our health and wellbeing experts work closely with your employees to deliver our Online Health & Wellbeing programme via Skype and email – programmes include an initial skype consultation which helps us to create a personalised nutrition & exercise programme. Employees check in weekly with their own coach to monitor progress and make changes accordingly.

Practical fitness sessions

We offer practical personal training whether its one-to-one or group sessions to help you get more out of your staff and encourage development through team building. We can create Corporate challenges to further engage employees and increase motivation.